Create from the HeART Breakdowns


#createfromtheheart is the story of how the heartbeat that provided an artistic life force for one person can become the driving force to inspire artistic creations through music, dance and film.

As a keepsake, AJ Perrelli's mother received a recording of her son’s heartbeat that was taken just hours before his life ended and his legacy as an organ donor began. It is this heartbeat that inspires the music, which inspires dance which is captured on film and creates conversation about organ donation.


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Wanted: Musicians/Producers/Dancers/Choreographers/Film Production crew/Students/Emerging Artists

Music- accepting submissions immediately

Originally composed music in any genre with a preference for EDM, Hip Hop, Pop & Jazz styles.

  • Submission of completed track/s no less than 60 seconds and no longer than 2 minutes. 
  • Full names, addresses, email and phone number of anyone who involved in the production and creation of the work is required
  • Format: Final submission will need to be in a WAV file however initial submission can be in an email file for review
  •  Each submission should be inspired by listening and encompassing the heartbeat of AJ Perrelli from the recording provided below.
  • The heartbeat does not have to be in the entire song but should be used for no less than 16 bars.
  • Must be willing to share rights with The AJ Project
  • Creator must allow for full use on stage, film, live and social media with no restrictions
  • Creator will have permission to share, post and use on personal/business website with an acknowledgment of The AJ Project
  • If financial compensation other than grants,sponsorship,fundraising or direct gifts for production of #Createfromtheheart does occur than The AJ Project will share a portion of the proceeds based on the % of contribution to value received.
  • Submissions should be sent to with Music with heart in the subject line
  • Photo and short bio along with information of your website, IMDB, Youtube, Vimeo and any other reference material you would like to submit. 


Seeking dancers of all genres for live and film shoots


Seeking established film crews and film students willing to donate time or give an in kind donation of discounts of services and gear to The AJ Project. 

Camera Operators, lighting, sound, PA's and Editors under the direction of The AJ Projects Creative Director. 

Musicians/Producers for each song

Dance for each song (four to six)

  • 1- 4 hour shoot- choreography
  • 1- 10 hour day performance production
  • With The AJ Project acknowledement dancer will be encouraged to use the work on demo reels, social media and personal websites
  • If financial compensation other than grants, sponsorship, fundraising or direct gifts for production of #Createfromtheheart does occur than The AJ Project will share a portion of the proceeds based on the % of contribution to value received.

Thank you for wanting to be a part of The AJ Project.  Please sign into our website at to become an active member of our community. 

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