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To reach the last hurdle before we can start with programs! We need your help to raise $3000 for some filing fees and insurance and then we can start our programming.  We have come so far and this final hurdle will give us the legal requirements covered!!!! 

The AJ Project is a non-profit, 501(c)3 arts organization with a mission to make “Adulting” easier for creative people.  Our goals are to connect artists with resources that will support their choice to keep the arts in their lives.  We offer fiscal sponsorship as well as develop opportunities to create, cultivate and curate their artistic passions. 

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    Recap of The AJ Project 2018 Friend Raiser


    2nd Annual

    AJ Project

    Friend Raiser 

    Produced by Christine Perrelli

    Directed by: Anthony & Michael Perrelli

    January 27, 2018 - Astoria World Manor, Astoria NY


    On January 27, 2018 over 200 guest came to the second annual AJ Project friend raiser to celebrate the arts and honor AJ Perrelli's legacy as a performer and as an organ donor.

    Sponsors:  Live it Up - LiveonNY - Zambrano Productions - The AstorRoom 

    Sponsor, Donna Drake, interviews our founder Christine Perrelli about The AJ Project and Create From the Heart.

    Our guest were entertained by talent from Broadway shows, the movies and and up and amazing emerging artists.




    Top Left: Anthony Perrelli, Drew Seely, Amy Pffrath, Ally Carlson, Christian Musto, Eric Schuett, James Harkness, Christine Perrelli, Kitty Perrelli Left bottom row: Nick Perrelli, Christina Neubrand, Owen Tabaka and Michael Perrelli Not pictured: Photographers: Charlie Kaye and Sam Joseph

    click here for performance videos

    Band2018.jpgSUBJECTS OF THE QUEEN 

    Ty Tuschen, Guitar - Jacob Fjeldheim, Piano 

    Amy Rivard - Singer, Georgia Weber - Bass, Andy Mac - Drums

     The AJ Project brings awareness to the need for organ donors.  In 2013 AJ Perrelli was one of only 239 donors in the greater New York Area*

    The greater New York area including Westchester, Nassua and Suffolk counties has the lowest organ donation rate in the country. It is listed as 50th in the nation with Puerto Rico being the only one lower.  Christine Perrelli met Donna McKenna through her work in the arts with The AJ Project.  When they met she had no idea that her husband Tim was on the waiting list for a life saving Kidney.  In 2017 Tim received a donor kidney all the way from Chicago. The AJ Project is proud to bring you their story. 

    Donna and Tim McKenna Speak - Click here for video


    Friends new and old come to support The AJ Project.  


    For more event photos click here


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Proud Mom of 4 really talented Kids, Singers Dancers, Musicians and Actors. Wife and Grandma. CEO of The AJ Project.
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