Connecting Creative Artist to our Community

The AJ Project cultivates opportunities for emerging and professional creative artists to connect, create and give back to the community.


Our creative teams include but are not limited to:

video/film production and editing services, photographers, musicians, singers, writers and production services, actors and stage performers, graphic artists, body painters, live event production, consulting services on your production 

ONE Campaign 2017 video/ AJP Produced for The Boys and Girls Club of Queens


  • CREATE a collaborative family of performers who are connected through the development and sharing of original content.
  • CURATE works that will incorporate as many aspects of the performing arts as possible while building our "tribe " of AJ Project supporters
  • CULTIVATE the artistic community through educational opportunities, life skills training, networking events and creative workshops.

LIVE LIFE GIVE LIFE Video/ AJP Produced for Create from the Heart Campaign

Why The AJ Project? The simple answer is #4AJ.  


AJ Perrelli was taken from this world on October 16, 2013 at the age of 26. This magnetic man knew from an early age that he was going to be on stage and film. He was a trained dancer, singer, actor, silk performer and stilt walker. He became a pretty good photographer as well. His adult life was like so many people who want to make their living in the performing arts. He had many successes and a lot of ups and downs.

In order to succeed as performing artist he had to learn many skills. Besides training in his artistic principles he had to learn sales, marketing, time management, networking and of course auditioning.

Learning how to balance the work to live life with working in the arts (free work to do a show/film or have a demo reel) life took some time but he did it. He balanced, struggled and did all he had to do and was emerging as a stand out in his fields. He actually supported himself as an artist.  

AJ wasn't famous. But he was infamous. He touched people worldwide and the stories of his love and support for each and every one of the people he touched went viral. When he was in the hospital thousands of messages were posted on his social media. Hundreds of visitors came to his bedside and once word got out of his eminent journey to death and his gifts as an organ donor the support for him and his family exponentially grew. 

The loss was felt deep and still is felt to this day by so many. He left behind a legacy of being the connector, supporter, organizer of fun and the best friend to so many people.

When AJ passed a fund was set up to help his family with the burial cost. The money came in with notes of love and rememberance from all over the world. After the funeral, AJ's mom Christine made a promised. Any money left over would go to something in the arts like a scholarship in AJ's name or to fund a project. And that is why the AJ Project was formed.  

This project exists as an extension of our namesake AJ Perrelli who spent his artistic career connecting his fellow artists in the industry. His unexpected death brought to light how he was the glue of friendship and support to the artistic community and how big the void was with out him. Like AJ, The AJ Project is a cheerleader, fundraiser, networker and supporter to the creative community. Because of AJ, our project fuels the passions of emerging artists by providing support, friendship, tools and resources.

Join our community

ajlogopic.JPGHow can you help?

  • Become a part of our community of artists and supporters
  • Partner with us as a mentor or offer your talents as master class presenter-
  • Apply to sit on our board of directors or advisory council- send inquiries to
  • Donate money to keep our programming going
  • Create an event to benefit the TAJP or have a house party and invite your friends to learn more about The AJ Project

The AJ Project is dedicated to the memory of Anthony "AJ" Perrelli (AJ's story)  
August 5, 1987 - October 16, 2013