How do I know AJ Project is Legitimate

How do I know AJ Project is Legitimate? Are you a registered non Profit?


There are several ways to check on us to make sure we are legal.  

Guidestar: Is officially recognized as the checker of non profit statuses. Since you can only register with Guidestar after 2 years after receiving non profit status we are registered with Guidestar since 2016.  Each year we file a form 990 EZ since our funds we raise  fall under the threshold for form 990.  

New York state Dept. of Corporations:  We are listed as AJ Project, inc

IRS:  We have a non profit status listed effective August 2014

Benevity: Is a corporate giving program- only certified NPO's can participate

Pay Pal Giving Fund:  Is a giving fund set up to receive donations and distributes funds to the AJ Project with 0 fees. You must be certified to be accepted into the program.


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