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'Its a beautiful thing when artists come together to give back to the community and raise awareness for important issues. The AJ project s working hard to teach the importance of organ donors".           DanceNetwork.TV-logo.png  Enjoy this Featured Article


We are an arts org.

We bring professional and emerging artist together to raise funds and awareness to important critical issues and causes. 

We champion the importance of organ donor registration.  Why? #4AJ 

501(c)3 not for profit 

Co- Founder Christine Perrelli speaks with Donna Drake giving her Why?

LIVE LIFE GIVE LIFE Video/ AJP Produced for Create from the Heart Campaign

Why The AJ Project? The simple answer is #4AJ.  

AJ_head_beard.JPGWhen AJ passed away a fund was set up to help with his burial costs. After all was done there was $800 still in the account.  AJ's mother promised that any remaining money would be put into a fund for the arts in honor of AJ. The AJ Project was born.

This project exists as an extension of our namesake AJ Perrelli's love of creating and connecting those who create. AJ was a professional dancer, singer, actor and stage performer who passed away at the young age of 26. His final casting call was as an organ donor. Because of AJ both in life and after his death people world wide were inspired to pursue their passions for the the arts and also sign up as organ donors.

Join our community

ajlogopic.JPGHow can you help?

  • Become a part of our community of artists and supporters
  • Partner with us as a mentor or offer your talents as master class presenter-
  • Apply to sit on our board of directors or advisory council- send inquiries to Christine@4theajproject.org
  • Donate money, raffle items for our annual event, time, talent and your friends lists!
  • Create an event to benefit the TAJP or have a house party and invite your friends to learn more about The AJ Project

    Like AJ, The AJ Project is a cheerleader, fundraiser, networker and supporter to the creative community. Because of AJ, our project fuels the passions of emerging artists by providing support, friendship, tools and resources.

    In life and as a performer AJ wasn't famous. He was however infamous. He walked into a room and you remembered him.  He was the life of the party and the never enough kid. He never wanted the fun to end and made sure everyone was in on his fun. No matter how much fun he had when he performed, rehearsed, acted or sang on stage he was the ultimate professional. He gave it his all.  

    If you were lucky enough to see him on stage you would instantly point him out.  He had "IT" and because of "it" and so many years of dedication and training he was able to support himself as a creative artists.  That is a true accomplishment.

    When the news of his injury got out the stories of his love and support for each and every one of the people he touched went viral. When he was in the hospital thousands of messages were posted on his social media. Hundreds of visitors came to his bedside and when it was determined that he was on a journey to brain death and his gifts as an organ donor the support for him and his family exponentially grew. 

The AJ Project is dedicated to the memory of Anthony "AJ" Perrelli (AJ's story)  
August 5, 1987 - October 16, 2013

The AJ Project is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your generous financial donation.