2024 Mission

To offer support services for Donor Hero Families during the time of death declaration to organ donation.

Founded in 2014 The AJ Project was formed as an arts organization that brought together the creative arts as a way to create awareness to the need for organ donor registration. 

We champion the importance of organ donor registration.  Why? #4AJ 

IMG_8151.jpgOur inspiration comes from the determination and fearlessness of our name sake AJ Perrelli. AJ was a professional dancer, singer, actor and stage performer who passed away at the young age of 26. His final casting call was as an organ donor. Because of AJ both in life and after his death people world wide were inspired to pursue their passions in the the arts and also sign up as organ donors.

The AJ Project is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your generous financial donation.