The AJ Project cultivates opportunities for artists to enhance resumes, network and create sustainable careers through community outreach and professional productions. 

"Adulting" as an artist is really hard and The AJ Project wants to make it easier!  

  • Create a place to connect with other emerging artists so you can find your "tribe" and feel connected to your community through interaction, master classes and content development
  • Find and create affordable resources for training and development of creative and digital artists through partnerships with non profits and businesses

Our Vision:

To create an Artist Hub where affordable resources are available to support the sustainability as an artists. 

Currently we outreach to our community on a per project based model and have connected the arts community through producing cabarets, video and photography and live events.  Each event/production has engaged a variety of creative artists that may have included but was not limited to singers, dancers, video production, live event production, event planning and marketing.  All of these functions created opportunities for team members to hone in or advance their skill sets and therefore make themselves more marketable. 

We are located in Astoria, NY. "Actoria", and neighbors to Long Island City (LIC). Both are considered a hub for creative artists to live. The city even knows that our demographic hosts a lot of artistic people and officially deemed our area an official arts district  Both LIC  and Astoria have a long list of dance, art and production studios which includes Kaufman Astoria Studios, Silver Cup Studios and the Museum of Moving Image just to name a few. 

Because we are located just a few train stops from Manhattan (where most auditions and training happen) Astoria, or "Actoria" as it has come to be known, houses many aspiring and professional creatives. Although Astoria has a lot of creatives in the area what is lacking is a resource center for artists to support their passions. Call it a welcome center of sorts. Our dream is to open an Art Works Hub were services needed to succeed would be offered through an exchange or highly discounted from our affiliated partners, or through direct access to technology onsite. We hope to include website development, branding and marketing resources, recording and editing services paid and volunteer opportunities.

Our Dream of the Creative Artist Hub is coming true. Starting Fall of 2017, The AJP will have a home at THE Variety Boys and Girls Club of Queens. We will be offering an after school program for the kids and master classes and creative opportunities to adults!!!!

Our ultimate goal is to open locations in metro areas where creatives go like NY, LA and Nashville.