Available & Upcoming Programs:

Speaker: Organ Donation through the donor family perspective 





Speaker: Group Presentations: This program connects education services or presentations to our local community. We provide on site organ donation and registration information, story telling from families of organ donors, donor recipients and living donors.  This can be an intimate tabling, one on one program or presented to large groups. 




Create from the Heart: This program connects AJ's passion for the arts to his last casting call as an organ donor. As a dancer, singer, photographer and all around creative person we honor his legacy by connecting the arts to creating organ donor education and awareness through artistic creations. 

Donations 4 Donors (D4D): This program will offer services to donor hero families from time of yes to time of goodbye. We are in the planning process and would love your input and assistance in developing a one of a kind program for donor families. Our goal is to assist donor families with services for each family such as facilitating a donation page, accepting hotel, airline and credit card points, providing information and resources  for We will give opportunity for friends, family and benevolent strangers to make direct donations to families to fulfill these needs so they can more time with their loved one and less doing other things.


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