Set Up Your Personal Crowdfunding Page on

Share your connection and passion and crowdfund for The AJ Project!

Through your personal profile on The AJ Project website you can set up a personal crowdfunding page! You can tell the world why you support The AJ Project and ask them to be a supporter too!

Below are Ten easy steps for setup on your computer or your phone.

Your personal crowdfunding page will have your own personal URL that you can share!

It will:

  • let you know how close you are to meeting your goal
  • let you know who participated because of you
  • give you the ability to share on all social media and send a link to your email list

How cool is that! Now lets get you going!  To make it easy you can download PDF instructions here

What your finished page would look like


Step 1. Sign in onto website through any of the following: Twitter, Facebook or email

On the computer it is located to the right next to your profile picture


On your your phone - scroll down below the social media icons to your profile picture 



Step 2. Update your account settings and leave the Publish my profile on website unchecked. 

Step 3. Short bio- this section will show up when you share.  If you log in from twitter or Facebook it will bring the information over from there.  It can be edited in this profile section. 

Step 4. Website URL- Your user name is the name that will show up on your profile. This can be edited. Make sure to look at your website and put a name that is recognizable to your friends so they know it is from you! 



Step 5. Profile Image- this image will be taken from whatever social media account you signed in with.  If you sign in with email you can upload a picture. The social media image captured will stay even if you change you profile picture after the fact. You can edit this picture but the size requirements are wonky so be patient. the picture need to be 250 x 250 pixels as a .jpg,.png or .jif file and not below 100 x100 pixels.  If you want to resize your own picture you can go to the website Picresize and save it to your computer or phone and then upload it. If you have continued trouble contact [email protected].

Step 6. Headline for your profile-  this is the area where you are asking your friends to help out. It's the ASK so ask them to do what you want them to do. Donate Like me!

Step 7. Why do you support The AJ Project-  in this section make it personal. Share your Why story and connection to your friends.   

examples:  "i am a struggling artist and ..., I knew AJ and..., I support the arts and...., I never knew AJ but his story speaks for in so many ways and I.... 


Step 8. Set your fundraising goal. When you commit to a fundraising goal on your account settings page, a progress bar was added to your profile. The contribute button includes your recruiter link, ensuring donations made by your friends are credited towards your fundraising goal.5. Check the box- allow search engines to find your profile- this is the link that will be published on the web. 

Step 9. Check the box- include in leaderboards- will let you know who donated and shared your link.

Step 10. Share your fundraising link and invite your friends to contribute and to also share the link. Dont forget to hashtag #charity #4AJ and tag @4thajproject on all social media.