Amy Rivard

Amy Rivard has travelled the world singing with shows such as Riverdance, Celtic Woman, Camelot and more. She performed at Tokyo Disneyland on SilverSea Cruises and originally hails from the Great White North..Canada, eh?! Though you'll find lots of songs about love, laughter and life on her two albums, SHOUT IT OUT & WHERE I AM, two of her favorites happen to be about real-life dearly departed: "The Three Divas" features film stars who've long-since left their physical states but are still enjoying their time at Kaufman Astoria Studios' Astor Room. "Haircut & A Shave" follows a notorious mobster who finally found his demise. You can listen to these songs and more on Itunes, Apple Music, Spotify and more. You can learn more about Amy and her alter-ego Candy Canadiana at the links below! Save the date for Amy's performance at Rockwood Music Hall, Monday, Dec. 12th 7pm. Being an adult and someone who has been pursuing a career in the arts for far longer than I care to admit, I can't tell you how grateful I am for the AJ Project. I currently have a full time job, about 5 part time jobs and some years, I have about 20 W-2's that I have to sort through at the end of the year! (Yes, that's fun for tax time!) We all need our survival jobs but it's nice to have the support of organizations like the AJ project so that we can maybe pull back on some of those survival jobs and use that extra time to pursue our creative endeavors. Thank you so much to everyone at the AJ Project for all that you do and supporting the adults that continue to follow their dreams and never give up!

Canadian Singer/Actor/Songwriter Based in NYC.
GOAL: $250.00
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