"Adulting" is hard. We're making it easier for Savannah!

We need your help to fill the Gap!

Savannah couldn't wait to share her news with us. She landed a contract as a repertory ballet dancer in Maine starting mid August 2016! Then reality set in. Her NYC apartment lease and "survival" nanny job are both over the end of June.

Can you help Savannah by donating resources to Fund the Gap by making a tax deductible contribution?

Savannah is the perfect example of what The AJ Project wants to do as an organization. We provide resources to emerging artists  so they can be artist! In this case we are trying to FUND THE GAP for Savannah and keep her dancing! 


Our goals were set:

 housing-studio time and stipend for travel for 6 weeks

As of 6/20/16  we have received:

two weeks of housing - $200 towards expenses -18 hours of studio time 

As of 6/30/2016 we have received

3 weeks of housing - $225.00 towards expenses - 18 hours of studio time at one studio and free Double Barre classes at another

We still need: 

7 days of housing - additional funds for metro cards


Savannah Lee - The AJ Project supporter and ballet dancer.

Like so many emerging artists, Savannah has sacrificed so much. She worked her ass off in odd jobs, trained continuously so she would be ready when the opportunity arose and auditioned for every opportunity she could. For the past few years she has been living in various places including a convent( yes I said a convent) and a retirement home that offered rooms with a ballet dancer roommate so  she could afford to live and train in New York City. That is sacrifice!!!  

If you or someone you know has a safe place for Savannah to stay from July 19th- 27th or would like to contribute to a fund we set up to help her out until she starts her contract you can either contribute on the link below or contact Christine@4theajproject.org.

Your contributions will directly purchase housing, transportation, dance classes and a stipend for Savannah. The AJ Project will not keep any portion of the proceeds. 

The AJ Project is a non-profit 501(c)3 that works with adults in the arts by connecting them to resources to help them survive. Their motto is "Adulting" in the arts is hard. We make it easier! 



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