Salma Allam

Being an artist for the majority of my life, I know first hand the struggles in fueling this passion on so many levels. Anything we can do to help one another is imperative. Whether one is an artist themselves, or not is almost irrelevant, for art in its simplicity is the life around us all. Art binds our lives, and the parts of our lives, so how can we not support it? How can we not make it a possibility for all those in its pursuit? Here is a place for us to constantly have a place to connect, grow, and create for ourselves, the people around us, and the world to come. Be a part of the beauty of sharing, donate your time, talents and money to this artistic home, so we all can hold hands and be better together. 

Artistic Director of Movement in C and Salma Allam Dance Theater. Choreographer, Dancer, Actor, Writer. NYC Based
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