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AJ Project receives a grant to produce Organ Donor Awareness video geared toward teens

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We have moved our 3rd Annual Friend Raising Event to Spring! 

We Need your help to make it a success!!!! Please contact Christine@4theajproject.org to become part of our team. 

Click below to see pictures and videos from past events. 



AJ Project receives $5000 for organ donor awareness video geared to teens.

Seeks matching funds to expand the program.


Connecting Creative Artists to Organ Donor Awareness Campaign

Thanks to New York City Councilman Paul Vallone, The AJ Project is happy to announce that they will receive a $5000 grant to create a PSA video for organ donor awareness for teens from the District 19 - 2019 Discretionary Fund distribution. Founded in 2014, AJP's mission is to bring professional and emerging artists together to raise funds and awareness around important critical issues and causes. Because of its namesake, professional performer and actor AJ Perrelli, and his gifts of life, using the arts as a way to create a campaign to bring awareness to the need for organ donor registration makes sense.

The AJ Project is continuing to look for sponsors and funding to meet their 2019 goal of $20,000 to expand the program to include a grass roots campaign directed by professionals and driven by teens. It is their hope that businesses and influencers will give their expertise, time, talent and of course money to make this happen.


AJ Perrelli was a professional dancer, singer, actor and stage performer who passed away in October 2013 at the young age of 26. His final casting call was as an organ donor. His gifts of life saved 5 lives and gave sight to 2 more. Because of AJ, both in life and after his death, people world wide were, and still are, inspired to pursue their passions for the the arts and also sign up as organ donors. 

The greater New York region has a severe problem in the number of donors vs. people on the waiting list. Over 10,000 people are on the waiting list. 

At the time of his death in 2013, AJ was one of only 227 donors in the greater NYC area. The NY region was 50th in the nation in registration and 10,000 New Yorkers were on the waiting list.* AJ's gifts saved 5 lives and gave vision to two. 

AJP's Past projects have included a fundraising video for The Boys and Girls Club of Queens, Disaster Relief for St, Vincent De Paul Society and two videos for organ donor awareness. 


Why focus on teens?

In an attempt to reach teens getting their permits and drivers licenses, in 2017 NY finally caught up with the majority of states and implemented legislation allowing 16 and 17 year olds to register as organ donors.  This outreach is likely to be more successful in the suburbs than the urban areas because most teens in NYC use public transportation. 

What we will do

Phase 1 will begin in February 2019 with a focus group comprised of local high school students guided by a certified teaching artist. The kids will partner with the AJP production team to write, storyboard and produce an organ donor awareness campaign video. 

Phase 2 will be pre and post production. This portion engages professionals and emerging artists directing the team of teens in production. 

Phase 3 Video Premier and registration campaign. The video will premiere at the high school and will be accompanied by literature and sign up opportunities as an organ donor.  We will also provide resources to share the teens intentions to their parents. 

If you would like to be a part of their team contact info@4theajproject.org, Like their Facebook page, follow on Instagram or sign up on the website at www.4theajproject.org (click the link below). 

DONATE.pngAre you an organ donor?  Its easier than you think. To become a registered donor in New York State, applicants can register when obtaining a driver license or non-driver identification card, or by renewing their driver license by signing the donor box that appears on each of these forms. Additionaly you can register through the New York State Health Department's website, http://www.health.ny.gov/donatelife or on your voter registration form.

Don't Forget to follow the AJ Project on Social Media


*Data is provided by the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN)/Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR)/United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS). Jan 20, 2013. Data is subject to change.


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Recap of The AJ Project 2018 Friend Raiser


2nd Annual

AJ Project

Friend Raiser 

Produced by Christine Perrelli

Directed by: Anthony & Michael Perrelli

January 27, 2018 - Astoria World Manor, Astoria NY


On January 27, 2018 over 200 guest came to the second annual AJ Project friend raiser to celebrate the arts and honor AJ Perrelli's legacy as a performer and as an organ donor.

Sponsors:  Live it Up - LiveonNY - Zambrano Productions - The AstorRoom 

Sponsor, Donna Drake, interviews our founder Christine Perrelli about The AJ Project and Create From the Heart.

Our guest were entertained by talent from Broadway shows, the movies and and up and amazing emerging artists.




Top Left: Anthony Perrelli, Drew Seely, Amy Pffrath, Ally Carlson, Christian Musto, Eric Schuett, James Harkness, Christine Perrelli, Kitty Perrelli Left bottom row: Nick Perrelli, Christina Neubrand, Owen Tabaka and Michael Perrelli Not pictured: Photographers: Charlie Kaye and Sam Joseph

click here for performance videos


Ty Tuschen, Guitar - Jacob Fjeldheim, Piano 

Amy Rivard - Singer, Georgia Weber - Bass, Andy Mac - Drums

 The AJ Project brings awareness to the need for organ donors.  In 2013 AJ Perrelli was one of only 239 donors in the greater New York Area*

The greater New York area including Westchester, Nassua and Suffolk counties has the lowest organ donation rate in the country. It is listed as 50th in the nation with Puerto Rico being the only one lower.  Christine Perrelli met Donna McKenna through her work in the arts with The AJ Project.  When they met she had no idea that her husband Tim was on the waiting list for a life saving Kidney.  In 2017 Tim received a donor kidney all the way from Chicago. The AJ Project is proud to bring you their story. 

Donna and Tim McKenna Speak - Click here for video


Friends new and old come to support The AJ Project.  


For more event photos click here


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More below:

-1st Annual Sillage Award -

- AJP Sponsored 2017-18 Boys & Girls Cub Film Art and Media Program -

- More Event Photos -

- A letter from our Founder - 

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Pics 2017 Create from the Heart




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CLICK THE LINKS TO SEE VIDEOS- Scroll down for event photos

they are on a playlist for each event.  

If you want to go directly to our youtube page click the link below




2018 Create from the Heart Friend Raiser

2017 Winter Whimsey Friend Raiser


2017- F.A.M. CLUB  Boys and Girls Club 





2016 and before events







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1st Annual Friend Raiser photos and videos


Check out the photos below the video link! 






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The AJ Project Fiscally Sponsors LIC Reading Series - Receives QCA Grant

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Body Painting Video for Organ Donor Awareness

The #Livelifegivelife #4AJ video uses the power of the arts as a platform to support and promote organ donor registration. AJ Perrelli's mom, Christine Perrelli, the founder of The AJ Project, met a group of body painters and shared her wish to create a collaborative video using her son's gifts of life as the inspiration. The music was written and performed by John Keitel and is inspired by AJ Perrelli's actual heartbeat. The body painting was conceived and painted by Ish Peralta, Shelley Wapnaik and Hector Lopez and represents AJ gifts of life. The models are AJ's brother Michael and sister Kitty and the cinematography and editing was performed by Joseph Bearese. 

The AJ Project was created in homage to AJ's passion and dedication to his life as an actor, dancer, singer and stage performer. They strive to create opportunities to support the artistic community and through the collaborative efforts of many, created this video commemorating AJ’s final role, as an organ donor.  

 #4AJ #imadonor4AJ 

By clicking on the link above you can register as an organ and tissue donor on this national site.  There is a link to let The AJ Project know how many people have registered through our site.  Even if you are already registered we encourage you to sign up on this site. They built a database that lets you use your social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) to TELL THE WORLD YOU SUPPORT ORGAN DONATION USING SPECIFIC HASHTAGS. Plus, they store that information and provide it to your next of kin at the appropriate time so they can see your wishes in your own words. Are your registered as an organ/tissue donor.


*Video Produced by The AJ Project non profit for the arts as part of their Create from the Heart series.  The AJ Project is a 501(c)3 founded by AJ's mom Christine Perrelli and friend Christina Neubrand. Their mission is to honor AJ's legacy by creating, curating and cultivating emerging artist. This is the second video in the series.  To watch the first click here.

Hire our production teams to create content for your organization:

contact christine@4theajproject.org

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AJ spoke to the World through Facebook -







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Burlesque Show comes to Astoria

by Christine Perrelli 
performers and production contact Christine@4theajproject.org

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The iconic Astor Room located in the Kaufman Astoria Studios in Queens NY is making a name for itself as a premiere hotspot showcasing amazing singers, musicians and the occasional magician. Now you can add a monthly Burlesque Show to the mix. Starting Thursday, September 29th the Speakeasy Burlesque NY will debut in the new event space called Studio A. The evening will benefit a non profit for the arts called The AJ Project.

Produced by Director/Choreographer Steven Cardona in partnership with The AJ Project a 501(c)3 non profit for the arts, the themed shows plan on engaging the audience's through texting and emailing a secret password for entrance, drink specials and to receive the theme for the next months show.  Guest are not required to dress the theme but if they want to play the part that is encouraged. 


Loreto_720px.jpgMontserrat L'umiere guest performs at The Astor Room on Thursday September 29, 2016Photo credit: Giovanni Gellona

For their first show "Diva's" a variety of performers will take the stage. Steven's co-host this month will be comedian Liz Magee who performs stand-up all over New York City. The line up includes Loreto Astroza performing as Montserrat L'umiere who's credits as a dancer span both Chile and NYC. This gorgeous dancer has a background in Latin, Jazz and Salsa so expect a hot sexy performance. Featured dancers Milagros Simon as Lady Day and Kitty Perrelli offer a beautiful mix of performance and fun. To mix things up songstress Amy Rivard will perform and Joshua Warr as Stormy Weatherz brings a little Drag to the room. 

The Speakeasy NY Burlesque NY will be at held the third Thursday of every month at The Astor Room located on 35th Ave and 35th Street in Astoria. Doors open 7pm/ $10 cover at the door.

RSVP/Tickets  http://www.4theajproject.org/speakeasy_burlesque

The relationship with The AJ Project and The Astor Room began this past June when they co-hosted a Tony Awards Viewing Party. For 20 bucks (half going to the AJ Project!) guest watched the televised Tony Awards hosted by James Cordon on a big screen TV. They were entertained during commercial breaks by members of the AJ Project's tribe with song and comedy. Jarvis Green played the beautiful baby grand for singers Rachel Lauria, Haley Clair, Kitty Perrelli and Alexander Sage Owen. Co-hosted by Steven Cardona and Comedian Cate Wineberg, the audience was also given the chance to win prizes by answering trivia questions presented via video taken especially for the event from Broadway stars; Heather Parcells from Tuck Everlasting, Amanda LaMotte from Matilda The Musical, Jeff Blumenkrantz from Bright Star, Natalie Charle Ellis from School of Rock and Sam Rodgers from American in Paris. As part of the special evening guest were treated to a light menu & 1 free cocktail as well. Youtube_logo.png  

Because the night was such a success, viewing parties are on the schedule for Rocky Horror Live on October 20th and Hairspray Live on December 7th. Once again entertainment will be on the menu. Attendees will be encouraged to dress the part so make sure you sign up on the website to get more details. 

Astor_room_pics.jpgIn this world where live performers have fewer and fewer places to showcase their work, Manager Gjovalin "John" Nikci is a strong supporter of the arts. This is evident by the variety of opportuinities for entertainers to showcase their talents at The Astor Room. Besides the incredible food and signature drinks offered daily live jazz is on the menu at Sunday Brunch and also Friday and Saturday evenings. Tuesdays feature pop performers and Wednesday's Michael Mott & Friends presents a weekly cabaret style show where singers and the occasional magician come to the stage and perform anything from pop to broadway tunes.

John_and_Chris.jpg You  can check out the Astor Room calendar here. 

It is with great pride, like that of a stage dad, that John boasts of the historic building that houses The Astor Room. Built in the 1920's this once commissary to the stars sits upstairs from the former Studio A music recording studio where greats like Billy Joel have recorded. With the recent renovation of Studio A to an event space, Nikci envisioned not only a great place to host meetings, weddings or Bar Mitzvahs, but had a specific vision of having a Burlesque Show. Once down the stairs through a non-descript hallway you enter a private venue that seats up to 100 has a full stage, lights and projection set up.  It has a full bar and the ability to transform into any theme you can imagine. It is the perfect space for The Speakeasy Burlesque NY show.  AJ_Montage.jpg

The AJ Project is a 501(c)3 non profit organization for the arts located in Astoria Queens. Their mission is to create, cultivate and curate adults pursuing the arts as a career. The NPO was founded little over a year ago by Christine Perrelli, AJ's mother, to honor the memory of her son who was a dancer, actor and singer. He passed away in 2013 at age 26 from a head injury. Creating this monthly show is a win win for both The Astor Room and The AJ Project. The Astor Room is able to support a local non profit and host a spectacular evening filled with talent and The AJ Project can has a venue to cultivate the arts community. AJ used to say that "Adulting" as an artist is hard. It is the job of The AJ Project to find ways to make it easier.  All of the $10 donation for the Diva Show will go to The AJ Project and their mission.  If you would like to offer your creative services to future works of The AJ Project you can go to their website and join at www.4theajproject.org or email Christine@4theajproject.org. For performance info on the Burlesque shows contact SpeakeasyburlesqueNY@gmail.com.

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